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2021 Summer Camp Project

2021 Summer Camp Project - Video

Sibiu County, Romania

The Barsan Foundation of Wisconsin, USA partnered with the Petras Foundation in Sibiu County, Romainia to provide the summer camp opportunity to the local children.


2021 Summer Camp Project - Report

Dear Friends,

We are very grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to take 36 children in camp this year! Even if the pandemic in Romania isn’t over, did not end, because the number of people infected was very low we were able to go to camp. We have spent five wonderful days with children from seven villages and little towns of Sibiu county: Talmacel, Ocna Sibiului, Sadu, Cisnadie, Prislop, Saliste, and Avrig.

These children came from families with financial challenges and we were very glad to be able to offer them this chance. For almost all of them it was the first camp ever, so it was pretty exciting for them to go away from home. Some of them accommodated right away, some needed more time, but most of them found new friends and we enjoyed so much getting to know them better.

Every day we started with refreshing physical exercises and a very much appreciated breakfast. During the day we played a lot, we went to the river, we had really good meals. Our special desire was to feed them well,  to teach them how to be courteous and polite with each other during meals, and we were so happy to see them applying what they have learned. They used napkins, said thank you and waited patiently to be served.

All rooms had bathrooms, and children were happy to be able to take showers, also to have clean sheets and towels.

Every day we had a craft time and the children were more than happy to make something beautiful with their hands, things that they could take home as a souvenir.

At the end of the week almost all children did not want to go home, and said they would like to stay there for the whole summer.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for every person that gave so that these children could enjoy camp. Please receive our big THANK YOU for your financial support. May you be blessed and rewarded for the joy you brought to these children!

We attach pictures and a video,

With much appreciation,

Lica and Olimpia Babuta, together with our volunteers

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